Experience for Rector Candidateship

  • I believe I will be able to make significant contributions to Ataturk University with the experiences I had during my PhD education for 5 years and later on 15 month period working as a visiting scholar in a well-known university that ranked in first 20 universities in USA.

  • Ataturk University Office of International Affairs Coordinatorship which I have been carrying on for eight years provided me to acknowledge global universities and helped me to build a good communication network in terms of internationalization with these universities. Rector Assistance gave me the opportunity to know our university, its problems, its mechanism, official and academic issues better.

  • Bologna expertise which I have conducted for 5 years at Higher Education Council (YÖK), conduced me toward observing and familiarizing Turkish and European Higher Education closely. By attending educational activities, tendencies in higher education, quality assurance processes and internationalization issues, I have gained significant experiences. During this mission, by observing how the relationships were conducted between universities, I got more experienced.

  • Bologna procedure studies that I conducted, not only brought us the lesson information package, but it also brought us the diploma supplement and AKTS label awards given by the EU Commission. Also, it gave me a chance to closely acknowledge the education problems in our university.

  • I gained experience about scientific research projects by being a member of TUBITAK- Agriculture Forest and Veterinary Research Group Council. I had an idea about how to structure projects and research processes properly in our university.

  • Being the head of department for seven years, I experienced how to manage an academic unit, what’s its importance for the university and how to activate these essential units of university in a better way and how to increase the number and quality of the activities by planning and conducting all of them individually.