Target for Ataturk University

According to different studies, Ataturk University, which is among the first 15-20 universities in Turkey, has the potential of getting into first 10 in Turkey and first 500 in the world. By prioritizing quality and participation in every activity, I believe that the university will stimulate, improve and reach these targets.

In the list below, the studies that came to forefront are ranked. When I become a rector, my belief is complete that I will give the contributions I made for the university for science and for my country by spreading.

To Ataturk University:

  • A good example of Office of International Affairs in Tukey that provides 750 mobility and 8 programme in a year

  • Bilateral relations with 365 universities, Erasmus, Mevlana and Farabi agreements network

  • Our university’s invention: International Summer and Winter Schools which has no other example in Turkey

  • Turkish and English Lesson Information Package ( Education Information System)

  • European Commission Certificate Label Award

  • European Commission AKTS Label Award

  • European Volunteer Service (EVS) Programme Turkey Leadership

To Erzurum:

  • UNDP, Uzundere District Rural Evaluation Report

  • JICA, Çoruh River Participant Basin Improvement Master Plan Socio-Economic Report

  • UNDP, TRA1, Agricultural Structure, Problems, Tendencies and Rural Investment Fields Report

  • EU and Other Funds, Erzurum County Cattle Breeding Project

  • EU and Other Funds, 28.500 Farmer Handbooks

  • Local Funds, Erzurum-Rize Road Socio-Economic İmportance Report

  • Local Funds, İspir Pazaryolu History, Culture and Economy Symposium and the Book

  • KUDAKA, Erzurum County Spreading the Cold Chain in Milk Production Project

  • KUDAKA, Erzurum County Possible Agricultural Investment Areas Guide

  • To Turkey:

  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Improving Milk Marketing System in Turkey

  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, II. Agriculture Council VII. Commission, Supports Report

  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Agriculture Book in Turkey

  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Possible Effects of EU Membership on Turkey’s Agriculture

  • Ataturk University and 5 Ministry, International Workshop Within the Frame of 2023 Vision, Future of Turkey’s Agriculture Politics