Dear Members of the University and Dear Students,

As you all know, with the upcoming election in June, Ataturk University is going to decide on the rector candidates who will pioneer to university’s administration. A new administration is a new excitement and a new hope. Let’s decide on the best choice altogether in order to choose the candidates who will keep these hopes alive and make it real

The main purpose of universities’ services for education, research and community is to improve the capacity of individuals’ understanding, thinking and action based on information. Universities not only serve to individuals by producing and spreading information but also they take on the role to be a power that shapes the community.

As I believe that with a new excitement and a right vision, we can carry Ataturk University which goes on its way by these goals to better targets. Thus, I want to share with you that I decided to be Ataturk University rector candidate.

I will have an understanding of student, academic staff, executive-technical personnel satisfaction, permanent education and improvement, social responsibility, participation and efficiency. Through this understanding, the most important priorities of mine are stimulating and improving the university’s overall potential so as to reach for the quality standards, form an active and efficient academic study environment and to ensure justice.

In the process of this candidateship which heads to rector elections, by visiting the academic staff, I will try to learn about the evaluation, possible solutions and innovative thoughts from you about our university, your faculty and department’s problems. The strategies I will compose by taking advantage of your experiences will be submitted to your appreciation.

Greetings with affection and respect…

Prof. Dr. Fahri Yavuz
Ataturk University Rector Candidate