General Ideas That Can Be Transformed into Projects


Even though education is the most important and the most time-spent activity range of the university, the existing efforts to increase the quality of education are insufficient. Besides the existing infrastructure, a new planning, usage of modern education tools and methods, renewing the implementation laboratories that are overdue and rewarding the well educators are primarily going to be dealt with. In this sense, Diversifying education with the distant education methods which has been spreading gradually, following the international education approaches and adapting into our system if it is seen necessary and lifelong learning consciousness will take part in the prior efforts.


As a result of not using the fund sources efficiently, good-quality and beneficial information and articles cannot be provided. Firstly, there will be a ‘project office’ structuring which professionally includes project improvement and evaluation mechanism and which combines all the funds of university for researches. Also, in fundamental sciences, health sciences, engineering, social sciences, educational sciences, agriculture and veterinary fields there will be an encouragement for projects to be carried out as well-disciplined, not only the country’s and region’s problems but also world’s popular issues’ projects there will be project groups that will make a name for the university.

Community Oriented Services:

It is to make our university become more active with the community oriented services. Being a university which has been active for 60 years in our region, by using this advantage in education, preventive health services and in economic development in a way that it can pioneer the city which bleeds out continuously. Our first target is to form mechanisms that will encourage the academicians to work in the area, namely in the market, village, institutions and in the community. Thereby, the scientists will work in fields that will scrutinize the community problems and at the same time they will prepare the education materials that include current, practical and real life.


One of the indicators that show the quality of universities is internationalization level. In other words, it is the number of coming and going international student and academic staff number. The Office of International Affairs which we established in 2008 and of which I am still in charge of, has reached to a good state in the way of institutionalization in Turkey. While the office annually provides roughly 750 mobility with 7 programs, it also started to serve to our 2111 international degree students. In order to overcome the language barrier which hinders the students, academic staff and academic units, a language education of good quality needs to be provided and international mobility should be increased. The number of international students which is 4% at the moment, our target is to pull it up to 10% by offering nice opportunities to the students with the already existing programs and different additional programs.

Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship:

In recent years, innovativeness and entrepreneurship are gaining importance and the universities are being ranked in this sense. Forming the environment of education and research for the students in all levels that will provide them to produce new ideas and improve new methods by making them gain the skill of entrepreneurship will be the primary targets. For this, it will be aimed to form environments for mutual research by providing collaboration among the academic units which we feel strong or opening new academic units. University-Industry collaboration will be encouraged, and by converting the ideas to added value, our university will get the leadership position it deserves along the increase of welfare level of the society.