Infrastructure, Physical Opportunities and Social Projects

  • Roads inside the university will be taken into consideration as a whole in order to provide more efficient traffic stream. Short, middle and long termed solutions will be produced in this sense.

  • The environment and landscape arrangement will be reconsidered and will be made real in a short time. Instead of using iron fences, natural wooden fences will be used and green large grass fields will be formed as much as possible. In every corner of the university, the same accuracy will be shown.

  • Relaxation will be provided by decreasing the intense of buildings in the campus with radical precautions. Some faculty, graduate school and service buildings can be moved to other places in the campus.

  • For the solution of parking problem inside the campus, there will be a system improved to be better used by the present capacity and especially the park capacity will be increased and a parking deck will be provided for the dense parts of the campus. By also making a closed and multi-store car park in the lodgment, an alternative will be provided to people who wants to use the car park for a variety of reasons.

  • As in modern cities and campuses, the pavements won’t be above 15 centimeters and cycle lanes will also be rearranged in order to be used conveniently.

  • As winter is almost six months in our city, a closed sports center will be made both for our students and for the university members which will include sportive activities from swimming to tennis.

  • A children’s nursery will be made for the families’ children that live in the campus and also pre-school education students in the university will have an opportunity to do their internship in this nursery.

  • In order to create awareness for LILAC, ROSE and ACACIA flowers which last for a short period of time but is very common in the campus during spring and summer seasons, there will be special days and activities carried out for them. Also, they will be made more common and remarkable in the campus.

  • Classrooms, computer halls and laboratories will be updated with a new understanding by taking today’s technology into consideration and efficient environments will be provided. In this sense, the wireless will be strengthened.

  • In the construction of new buildings and in the repairment of the new ones there will be an understanding which is suitable for a modern university which uses large, fresh, intelligent building technology and also an intellection of important advantage of Erzurum’s sunny days will be taken into consideration. There will be no additional buildings into places which already have a building density, even there will be an effort to decrease the density of the buildings for that places.

  • Student centers will be planned and constructed for the university students who will be able to socialize and provide their daily necessities. Thus, instead of meeting their needs inside the faculty buildings study halls and libraries will be made common.

  • The controlled passing on the outside doors of the university and card passing entrances inside the faculty buildings will be made more efficient, safe and will be rearranged under the comprehension of the university.

  • New arrangements will be made more efficient in the range of health services which is provided for the university members, by taking some universities systems (Akdeniz, Selçuk etc.) as a role model and benefitting from their experiences.

  • Even though the number of students doubled in the last decade, the access to university is still being made with the same transportation vehicles by just increasing the number of them and it doesn’t meet the needs. For this, there will be a special effort to accelerate the railway transportation systems which are at issue.

  • There will be attempts for a cafeteria and resting facility in the ski centers at Palandöken and Konaklı which will be in service of the university members and for the university students. A protocol will be signed intercollegiate for mutual usage with Akdeniz University’s summer facilities.

Note: This project ideas will be open to improvements and changes during the time it will be detailed by consultation.