Innovative and Entrepreneur Projects

  • A ‘Project Office’ will be founded in which BAP will also be included and which will manage a system that improves and evaluates a project professionally.

  • Establishing excellence centers in which we are strong as a city and a university will be worked on. ‘Winter Sports’ and ‘Lifelong Learning’ can be thought as an example for the Excellence Centers.

  • A ‘Public Health/Preventive Medicine Center’ which takes preventive medicine forward and raises awareness on healthy life issues as a mission will be established.

  • Each student that chooses Ataturk University, as long as he/she wants and puts effort, when they graduate a ‘Language Education System’ will be founded which will give them the opportunity to gain the skill in the use of English. Also, each student who are eager to learn an extra language, they will have the opportunity to learn a region language (Arabic, Russian, Persian and Chinese)

  • In Eurasia, Caucasus and Africa, there will be boutique campuses of Ataturk University which will provide a significant step toward internationalization.

  • Necessary efforts for the rapid completion of on-going projects like ‘East Anatolia Observatory’ and ‘Science, Museum, Nature, History’ and ‘Education Park’ will be given.

Note: These project ideas are short, mid and long termed. In the time of carrying out the projects, examinations need to be made in detail and the update and improvement of the projects shall be made by taking the limitations into consideration.