The Strategy to Conduct Rectorship Mission

"Give the trusts and authorization to the person who is reliable and competent of that subject."
"When you adjudge among people, judge with justice no matter who they are."
"Skill is subject to compliment."
"All the winds are bad to a ship whose captain is not a master."

These understandings which exist in our values will enlighten my management strategy. From this point of view, I can summarize my strategies as follows:

  • Working with Total Quality Management philosophy. Which means; managing the university with the understanding of leadership, costumer (student, academic staff, executive-technical staff) centered, permanent education and development, minimum mistake, public responsibility and participating intellection.

  • It is a known fact that the number of research assistants and executive-technical staff who supports academic activities is inefficient. To conduct academic activities efficiently, increasing the number and skills of assistant academicians and personnel is a necessity, so there needs to be a special effort.

  • Performing the process of interior and exterior quality assurance at the university. By reviewing the activities with the interior evaluation process every year and exterior evaluation process every five years carrying out the necessities of the results.

  • In the meaning of making up the top management, improving academic researches and very active executive structure, benefitting from the overall potential of the university in an effective way. Not avoiding from any effort and expense that would improve the knowledge, skill and perfection for the personnel of the university in order to increase the already existing potential.

  • Making a special effort for the satisfaction of notably the students, academic staff and executive-technical personnel. By this way, you can keep the academic staff who has come to the fore and you can also attract the successful student. These are indispensable in order to catch the quality at university. The best advertisement of the university can be made by satisfying the students.

  • By commonly using information technology and executive mechanism in the organization of education and research activities, making the management active and fast by minimizing the mistakes.

  • With the understanding of ‘‘Skill is subject to compliment’’, rewarding the successful students, academicians and executive-technical personnel in a distinct and apparent way.

  • By carrying out the routine in our university’s management comprehension, it shouldn’t be sufficient just to be busy with the daily works and try to solve the problems that occur. In all units, innovative approach and strategies need to be prioritized and national-international mobility needs to be increased.

  • Forming Civil Board of Regents which include Erzurum’s opinion leaders (former rectors, front-benchers, successful businessman, social society leaders, thinkers, well-known graduates and working/retired academic staff who came fore etc.) and studies to build a foundation which will be managed by this committee.

  • By taking the examples in Turkey and around the world, the formations and platforms which is made for the graduates of our university will become permanent, institutional and functional under the roof of an association.

  • By virtue of the unavoidable importance of internationalization in the globalizing world, new programs will be made and relevant projects will be encouraged for each academic staff and student who demand to participate in this international mobility.

  • By providing education-research coordination among the universities in the region, our university’s pioneering will be improved more.