Mission and Vision for Ataturk University

‘‘How nice it is to move from one place to another
To flow like running water
And not to freeze in any one spot
Yesterday and all its words have gone my dear
We have to find new words to share’’

The verses of Rumi above will be the source of inspiration of my vision.

The main purpose of Ataturk University in education, research and public services needs to be to improve the individuals’ understanding based on knowledge, thinking and action capacity. Our university should not only serve by producing knowledge and spreading to individuals; but also take on the role of being a power that shapes our society with common values.

In accordance with these purposes, I will have an understanding of student, academic staff, executive-technical personnel satisfaction, permanent education and improvement, social responsibility, participation and efficiency. Through this understanding, the most important priorities of mine are stimulating and improving the university’s overall potential so as to reach for the quality standards, form an active and efficient academic study environment and to ensure justice.